MAZ Technologies Ltd.

MAZ combustion improver
reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

...and keeps engines cleaner

MAZ Nitroparaffin additives improve combustion efficiency of hydrocarbon fuels

MAZ technology has been successfully validated in both laboratory and vehicle fleet tests in China.

Recent trial tests on ships with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines operating on marine bunker fuels reported various fuel savings of more than 5%.

No detrimental or harmful effects to the engines were observed.

Nitroparaffin Additive Technology - Basic Working Principles

Improved Vaporization
  • Reduced surface tension gives smaller spray droplets and better atomization, resulting in a larger surface area exposed to oxidation and faster chemical reaction
  • Nitroparaffin based fuel additive improves the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels by increasing the free chemical radicals under high temperatures during combustion
Increased combustion speed and more complete combustion
  • Improved energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption
Cleaner engines
  • More complete combustion reduces soot formation and keeps the engine cleaner 

Application method
The typical blending ratio for MAZ additive is 0,1% of the fuel volume.  The product can be added to the fuel at the fuel distribution facility; or directly to the fuel tank during the filling (bunkering) process.
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MAZ Technologies Limited (MTL) is the holding company which developed a series of patented chemical formulations of high-energy and high reactivity organic hydrocarbon compounds that enhance the combustion efficiency in all internal combustion engines.

The company was incorporated in the Cayman Islands in 2005 (registration number CT-143925) with 319 shareholders as of August 2022

MAZ ENERGY Pte Ltd (MEPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary incorporated in Singapore to carry out blending, warehousing and distribution of the MAZ product.

Joern H. Eriksen

Chairman & CEO

James S. Goodner


Jan K. Paulsen